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  • Are you a manufacturer?

    Yes, we are a manufacturer own factory with almost 30 years experiences.

  • What are your main products?

    Main products including: ACSR, AAC, AAAC ,ACAR,ACSS,ACSS/TW,ACCC,ACSR/AW,ACS ,GSW, Aerial Bundled Cable(Low/Medium Voltage),Power Cable,Copper (Alloy)Wire for Electrical Railway

  • Which countries and regions have your products been exported to ?

    Asia, South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Oceania,including: Peru,Colombia, Chile,Korea, America, Philippines, Vietnam,Singapore, Australia,Dominica,Kenya,Poland,Pakistan,Rwanda,Brazil,Myanmar,Zambia, Congo,Ecuador,Lesotho,Bolivia,Thailand ,Germany,Angola,Yemen,India, Netherlands,Benin,Maldives,Canada,Honduras,Albania,Burundi,Paraguay , Sri Lanka,New Zealand,Bahrain,Costa Rica,Trinidad and Tobago,Guyana, Nicaragua,Mongolia,Haiti,Ghana,Macedonia etc.

  • Is the quality of your products guaranteed?

    Yes,the quality of our products is highly guaranteed.  The products are ISO 9001 ,ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001 certificated. Our workshops are equipped with advanced production and inspection equipment and the products strictly according to international standards or customers' requirements.   We do 100% inspection for every batch of semi-finished and finished products.  

  • What’s the package of products ?

    The package is usually wooden drums ,steel drums,steel-wooden drums or according to customers’ requirement.

  • How can I get samples?

    Please notify the detailed information of sample you need. If we don't have the exact model, please consider whether the similar model is OK for you.  we provide the free samples for inspection while freight is charged.

  • What is our payment terms ?

    We can accept the following payment terms:  30% T/T paid in advance,70% T/T paid before shipment ; 30% T/T paid in advance,and 70% T/T paid against the copy of B/L ; 100% irrevocable L/C at sight; O/A,etc.

  • What is ACSS and how is it different from ACSR?

    Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS) is a composite concentric-lay stranded conductor with one or more layers of hard drawn and annealed 1350-0 aluminum wires on a central core of steel. Used for overhead distribution and transmission lines. It is designed to operate continuously at elevated temperatures up to 250°C without loss of strength. ACSS (Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported) is very similar to ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced). But, as their names imply, ACSS depends primarily on the steel core for support, whereas the ACSR is supported by both the aluminum and steel components. Since ACSS is designed to be primarily supported by its steel core, its thermal coefficient of expansion is much lower than that of ACSR, meaning it sags less at higher operating temperatures. And since it uses fully annealed aluminum, ACSS does not loose strength due to exposure to elevated temperatures, as ACSR would.

  • Where would find more information related to TDDL Cable?

    Here are our websites:

  • Can the cable be installed in an aerial application?

    Yes . If supported properly by a correctly sized messenger.

  • What size range can TDDL manufacture?

    Currently ,TDDL manufactures: Bare conductor:16mm2--1400mm2; Low voltage and Medium voltage cables,etc. For more information ,please check catalog sheet for dimensions.