Vice Governor He Jinping visits our company


    On the morning of March 27, He Jinping, deputy governor of the People's Government of Henan Province, led the heads of the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, the Provincial Department of Commerce and other departments to our company for investigation. Hu Jiabin, deputy mayor of Luoyang Municipal Government, deputy director of Luoyang Municipal People's Congress, Sun Yanwen, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, He Wuzhou, Mayor of Yanshi Municipal Government, Wang Lei, Member of the Standing Committee of Yanshi Municipal Committee, United Front Minister, and Su Jingbiao, Deputy Mayor of Yanshi Municipal Government.
    Hairman of the company Ma Hongju and general manager Qu Hongpu led a delegation of He Jinping to the production line of the stranding workshop and copper workshop. The chairman reported to the Vice Governor He the development of the company's epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, and foreign trade tackling.
    He Jinping emphasized that manufacturing is the foundation of the real economy and the fundamental support for high-quality economic development. This year, our province will continue to take the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry as the main direction, vigorously implement the high-quality development action of the manufacturing industry, focus on improving the industrial basic ability and the modernization level of the industrial chain, and effectively support the backbone of the manufacturing industry.
    He Jinping demanded that Tongda Co., Ltd. should be full and effective, pay close attention to the time progress, and grab back the output due to the epidemic as soon as possible. In the process of structural adjustment, we must make steady progress and force transformation, actively expand the international market, and promote greater achievements in transformation and upgrading.
Vice Governor He Jinping visits our company