The First New Power Station No. 6 Unit in South Africa Put into Operation in Recent 20 Years


South African President Jacob Zuma announced that South African first new power station unit, Medupi6, put into operation in recent 20 years.

Medupi power station construction was launched in 2007, including six generating set, with the installed capacity of 4764 megawatts, and the installed capacity of the no. 6 unit was 794 megawatts. Because of technology and capital problem, the Medupi power station project delayed so far. Once completed, it would become the world's fourth largest coal-fired power station, the world's most dry cooling plants, whose plan operating life would last 50 years.

In recent years, serious shortage of electricity in South Africa, which caused serious constraint to the economic and social development in South Africa. President Jacob Zuma said publicly in the middle of this month, the power shortage had become one of the biggest challenges faced by South Africa's economic and social development.

Expected in the first half of 2019, all the power station would be completed and put into operation, which would provide one eighth power for South Africa.