Germany will add 2200km HVDC transmission line till year 2025


The Germany transmission system operator organization TSOs recently released a report , shows that in order to integrate renewable energy and power generation, further reduce nuclear power plants, till year 2025, Germany will add 2200 KM HVDC transmission lines.

The 2200km HVDC plans including 902km undersea HVDC transmission system ,This offshore wind power project will be used to connect the North Sea and Baltic Sea .

The report also indicate that new HVDC transmission line will face many problems, including high costs and land acquisition issues. For example, the land acquisition problems will be bound to be opposed by most of the owners and environmental groups. On the other hand, the overhead cable laying will costs about 22 billion -250 billion Euros, while the total cost will raise to about 310-360 billion Euros if underground cable laying .

In addition HVDC transmission lines, the Germany transmission system operator organization also plans to build 1100km HV transmission lines as well as upgrade the current 5900km transmission system to meet the power demands.